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Work Related Injury

Proven Work Rehabilitation

Work Related Injury

Occupational injuries occur despite the best precautions. Such injuries typically include incidents such as a slip and fall, repetitive actions leading to a disability, a pre-existing condition that has been aggravated by work, or an earlier work-related disability which recurs causing further disability. HealthQuest, a leading multi-specialty healthcare center in New York, provides specialized treatment for work related injuries. Our rehabilitation programs are designed to help workers restore functional ability, relieve pain and improve strength and flexibility.

Job Related Injuries

We Treat

Injuries at the work place can affect any part of the body and sometimes multiple areas. Conditions relating to the soft tissues of the neck, shoulder, elbow, hand, wrist, and fingers usually develop gradually. Conditions such as tendonitis, bursitis, torn meniscus, damaged cartilage and stress fractures result from work-related musculoskeletal injuries.

We provide comprehensive treatment for all possible conditions that can result from work-related musculoskeletal injuries such as

These injuries may be caused by heavy lifting, repetitive stretching, or slips, trips and falls.

Rehabilitation Services

for Work Place Injuries

Based on severity, we provide personalized treatment to help patients restore movement and functionality for fast return to work. A treatment plan may include


For your speedier return to normal activity and a better recovery experience, we use Game Ready cold therapy system. Designed for use in the treatment of a variety of musculoskeletal injuries and orthopedic surgery rehabilitation, this revolutionary device features patented ACCEL® Technology (Active Compression and Cold Exchange Loop) to help reduce pain and accelerate your recovery.

Our competent team of orthopedic specialists, neurologists, physical therapists, chiropractors, and pain management physicians has vast experience in treating job-related injuries. Treatment plans are based on comprehensive evaluation and screenings to ensure accurate diagnosis.

We also accept most major medical insurance plans including Medicare, No-Fault, and Workers’ Compensation.

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